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Dog Training

Bon Chien “Modern Dog Training”        

We offer a range of training for your dog or puppy.

At Bon Chien’s “Modern Dog Training”, Oscar ,teaches owners, how to communicate effectively with their canine partners through humane, stress-free, ” Classes are meant to be a place where owners who truly care about their dog will come and feel empowered, comfortable and happy, for your four legged counter parts. ​Optimal learning for owner and dog doesn’t take place if we experience stress or are not enjoying ourselves.”

Be confident that you and your dog will have the best dog trainer and behavior expert in the area. Oscar specializes in some of the toughest and common behavior problems, so you can be sure he knows exactly how to prevent them.

We are a “FORCE FREE & SCIENCE BASED” Dog training Facility (Force- Free Means: No shock. No pain, no chocking, no fear, no physical force, no physical moulding, no compulsion based methods are used to train or care for your pet) Bon Chien has a variety of training programs for dogs of all ages and abilities. Force free training not only helps your dog develop into a happy, sociable individual, it also strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

All of our programs are based on Behavioral Science and reward based training. It is about rewarding the animal for doing the right thing using what motivates the dog:

  • Food
  • Toys
  • Game of tug
  • Petting
  • Kind words


Training BCThis positive dog training method is not about food bribing but about catching the dog doing the right thing. The advantage of this method is it does no harm and strengthens the bond between guardian and dog.

Whether you’re looking to begin training with a new puppy, adolescent or older dog or looking for a resolution to a behavioral issue you’ve come to the right place.

 Bon Chien Modern Dog Training provide only private, One on One Personal customized training and Behavioral consultations and work with our clients to address their individual goals.

By allowing us to work with you and your dog in your home or at the store, we can tackle the issue(s) hands on as the behavior presents itself.

Group dog training classes can be great, but too often the results stay behind in the classroom. Instead, let’s do the training where you need your dog to behave his best—wherever that may be

 Benefits of Personalized Private Dog Training

  • Relaxed training atmosphere
  • Focused training exercises
  • Whole family experience
  • At a time that suits your busy lifestyle

One on One personal attention from a qualified professional dog trainer

About Oscar

Oscar Pelaez is the trainer and behavioral consultant for Bon Chien “Modern Dog Training”. Oscar has a range of qualifications and has been working with dogs for many years.

Oscar’s qualifications and memberships include:

  • Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP) and behavior consultant
  • Professional Premium Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers  (APDT)
  • Former Professional Guide dog instructor and trainer from The Seeing Eye
  • American Kennel Club  Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • A member of The Pet Professional Guild
  • Doggone Safe Member (dedicated to dog bite prevention through education and awareness.)


Bon Chien “ModernTraining” Programs

We offer various training programs dependent on the needs of you and your dog or your puppy. Our extensive experience in evaluating the nature of your pet allows us to apply the proper training methods in order to achieve success, whether your dog exhibits signs of aggression or insecurity or simply needs to understand what is expected of him. We know your relationship with your dog is important to you. It’s our goal to see that you have a long and happy life together. 


If any of these training programs sound like they’d benefit you and your dog, or if you are having problems or issues that you feel are specific to your dog, please contact us at Bon Chien “Modern Dog Training”   973- 248-8440 for more information or to get started with your private training program today, and let us do what we do “BEST”

train you and your dog to be the “ best” that you both can be!

Our Professional Trainer can be reached at 973-248-8440


What to Bring for All Classes

  • A copy of recent vaccinations.
  • A  hungry dog or puppy
  • Please bring your dog’s favorite treats ( no dog Food) and toys to class to use as a reward.
  • A 6’leash. No retractable leashes, please.
  • A flat collar, Harness, martingale collar, or gentle leader. These items are also available in the boutique section of the BON CHIEN store.

E collar, Choke and prong/pinch collars are not allowed.

“Bon Chien Modern Dog Training is a “Force Free & Science Based Dog Training Facility”