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Day Care & Training

 If your are time poor let a professional train your dog or puppy.

The initial training will be provided for a minimum of one month. If you are attending our doggie Day Care, you can book sessions by the week. Each training session for your dog or puppy is one hour in duration. During the month you will need to spend at least 30 minutes with the trainer so that we can teach you how to continue the training that will make your dog a welcome addition to your family. While in day care, you can take advantage of electing to have your dog trained by our professional trainer who will work “one-on-one” with your dog to correct any social, obedience or behavioral problems that you’re encountering.

The basic dog behaviors will be taught to your dog or puppy. Each program will be tailored to your dog’s needs and extra attention is given to problem behaviors. In each session we can incorporate play and exercise.

The program covers basic commands- sit, down, stay, come, heel, proper walking on leash, as well as teaching your dog proper behaviors- politely greeting people, sitting politely for petting, etc., and correcting improper behaviors- jumping, nipping, mouthing, pulling, counter surfing, etc. While your dog is in day care with us, your dog will play with other dogs in our closely monitored play yards and receive the amount of time that is required for individual instruction from our professional trainer in order to teach them what you require for your dog.