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Intermediate Modern Dog Training

This course is the follow up on course to Basic Dog Manners and helps build on all the foundation behaviors learned in the Basic Dog Manners course.  We focus on dog training skills such as:

  • Wait at gate and door
  • Sit and drop at side
  • Attention walking
  • Leaving items whilst walking
  • Settling quickly after play
  • Recalls in distracting environments
  • Trick training
  • Proofing on all behaviors learnt in Basic Dog Manners
  • Stand for vet examination
  • Targeting – following hand or target stick
  • Settling in a distracting environment
  • Walking politely on a lead with other dogs present
  • Stay with distance and distraction
  • Calling your dog from play
  • Politely greeting other dogs and people
  • Trick training