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Personalized Training and Behavior Modification Services

Sometimes you may have concerns about your dog’s behavior that go beyond the scope of regular dog training classes or seminars. Oscar Pelaez (KPA CTP)  is experienced in a wide variety of general behavior training and “problem” behavior modification and will work with you to develop a customized training plan to meet your needs.  We are fully insured and can work with you in your home or at Bon Chien facility..
Some examples of what we help our clients with:

“Problem” Behaviors:

  • Resource guarding (food, toys, locations, people, territory, etc.),
  • Jumping on you and/or visitors,
  • Barking/Lunging/Growling at people (within the family and/or visitors),
  • Barking/Lunging/Growling at other dogs,
  • Bolting out  the door,
  • Lack of focus in or around the house,
  • Stealing food off counters,
  • House training issues, and more…
General Training and Counseling:

  • Puppy head start (intro to crate/house training, mouthing, etc.),
  • Leash walking,
  • Preparing dog for a new baby
  • Education Program (dog and toddlers),
  • Advising, preparing and helping introduce an additional dog to the house,
  • Boundary training, and
  • General good manners, and more…