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Bon Chien Facility

One on One Attention for Every Pet


  • Training classes available.. Staffed by a Certified
    professional  “Force Free” Dog trainer.
  • Grooming salon and spa
  • Climate controlled environment
  • Tours Welcome
  • Bakery..Filled with Goodies
  • Boutique
  • Pet Taxi
  • Safe Non Toxic Cleaners
  • Piped in “Canine Lullabies”


facility3All dogs must be spayed or neutered. We welcome unaltered puppies who have received their complete round of puppy shots to come and stay with us up until 7 months of age. Puppies 7 months of age and older must be spayed or neutered


All Guests must be vaccinated against.

  • DHLPP (distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis. Parvo & Para influenza)
  • Rabies
  • Bordatella (aka Kennel Cough or Tracheo Bronchitis)
  • *Kennel cough is a highly contagious airborne infection similar to the common cold that kids can pick up while at human daycare. No vaccine is 100% effective as new strains of Kennel Cough continually develop and some dogs can be more susceptible to the infection than others. BON CHIEN takes all possible precautions to eliminate the possible spread of this infection in our facilities. We strictly monitor and maintain proper ventilation at all times and follow a rigorous cleaning schedule. In addition to requiring a current Bordatella vaccination we highly recommend that owners get this vaccination two weeks prior to their first daycare or grooming .The vaccine can take up to two weeks to become fully effective. There is also some current debate about how long the various vaccines will protect your dog. Ask your veterinarian for more information and make sure they know when your dog will be visiting us.

Prior to your dog’s first day at BON CHIEN, you need to complete an application   Registration & Release Form, provide us with proof of current vaccinations and call us to schedule your dog’s trial day of day care.  The trial day of day care includes a temperament test and time for our Specialists to work one on one with your dog to acclimate them to group play. This time allows us to observe your dog in a controlled small group environment to see how they will react to other dogs. Dogs that show signs of aggressive behavior or other traits that could put the other dogs or our employees at risk will not be admitted. In most cases, a dog’s overall behavior is improved by group play as well as the interaction with our trained Specialists. However, outside and genetic factors can sometimes lead to increased aggression and/or inappropriate behavior in dog’s who have been participating in Daycare for some time. Dog’s who exhibit behaviors that cannot be reasonably controlled or modified by our staff and that pose a threat to other dogs or our employees will cause us to suspend and or expel dogs from our facilities.
At BON CHIEN, we believe our first responsibility is to the beloved dogs who use our services and products. Ensuring their safety and enjoyment is our guiding principal.